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It’s important to take good care of ourselves. Our bodies always work hard for us, and we need to return the favour by giving it the attention it deserves. Get professional advice and pamper yourself.

Кабинет косметологии


Health and beauty treatments go hand in hand. All ladies want to look young and vigorous, and today it’s much easier to do than before. Many kinds of procedures are available to help you out with this and we have professional cosmetologists to provide assistance.

We can offer skin treatment options both for body and face. Such kind of care should be systematic and chosen individually for every woman, as we all are different. But being females we strive for the best and always wish to be irresistible, loved and beautiful.

Cosmetic procedures are a great way not only to take care of health and looks, but also a wonderful chance to relax and unwind.

List of services

Professional cosmetology

Our staff is ready to help you choose the most suitable treatment and stay young, healthy and beautiful. Radiant skin, great appearance and natural beauty are something we all strive for and deserve.

Take care of your skin’s flaws and get rid of acne, wrinkles, cellulites and more. Our cosmetologist is ready to take care of you!