Electric therapy

Electric therapy is a method of physiotherapy based on usage of pre-dosed electric currents, magnetic and electromagnetic fields.

Кабинет косметологии

Principle of operation involves usage of various types of current that stimulate lymphatic system and low tension circulation. As the result, the process of body detoxification improves, cellulite disappears, pains go away, etc. Electric therapy is often used after surgeries to help cells regenerate faster and the body to recuperate.

The choice of technique depends on personal characteristics of a patient and instructions of the specialist.

Types of electric therapy are as follows: electrophoresis, diadynamic therapy, interferential currant therapy, amplipulse therapy, electric muscle stimulation.

Electric therapy:

Ultrasound therapy

Ultrasound therapy is a healing method based on the usage of ultrasound mechanic vibrations without the use of electrics. Such time of treatment is considered mechanotherapy.

During electrophoresis various pharmaceutical substances are used, they don’t change their features in the area of ultrasound action.

Electric therapy, ultrasound therapy and phonophoresis are also used for pain relieving during neuralgic pains, convulsions, paralyses or for irritation of neuromuscular system in cases of muscle atrophy, failing of joints, neurasthenia, hysterical chorea, etc.

Duration of procedure is 30 minutes

Magnetic therapy

Magnetic therapy is used in medical treatment for:

  • Restoring normal lymph efflux;
  • Regeneration of deep tissue;
  • Stimulation of blood supply;
  • Improvement of oxygen supply;
  • Boosting immunity;
  • Formation of collagen;
  • Normalizing sleep;
  • Controlling hemoglobin;
  • Achieving pain-relieving effect;

Duration of procedure is 15-25 minutes