Computer traction

Computer traction is performed with “TRAComputer + MILI Diatermy Couch” produced by “Medicin elektronik LG” (Germany), it’s a system of computer-controlled microwave diathermy. It supports 60 programs and provides a high level of safety.

Кабинет косметологии

Computer traction

Computer traction is an effective method of therapy that needs large tensile force. Hyperextension shouldn’t happen in this case. TRAComputer applies intermittent traction and pulsating. For a short time reaction of muscle fiber contraction appears.

With harmonic pulsating tension all active force is transformed into a pleasant vibration. Traction is defined by a computer program. The computer constantly verifies and confirms the data.

Computer traction is done for:

  • spinal cord (neck, breast, lumbosacral);
  • joints (hip, knee, elbow, wrist);

Treatment and aims

Such kind of therapy can be a successful, non-surgical alternative for relieving low back, neck pain, leg pain and much more. It’s a specific application of traction developed in the early 1990s. During the procedure computer monitors traction force applied to the spine of a patient lying on a specially designed table.

This medical procedure is assigned after full analyses of patient’s data and study of additional methods of examination.

Duration of procedure 15 minutes