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Mudtherapy has been used by people since ancient times. Such kind of treatment actives adaptation mechanisms, restores body functions, improves lymph and blood circulation, normalizes metabolism, enhances tissue breathing and stimulates regeneration.

Кабинет косметологии


Mud contains a high concentration of minerals and elements that provides an impressive detoxification effect, reduces pains, relaxes muscle tension, eases stiffness in joints, improves blood circulation, decreases inflammation and swelling, enhances metabolism, has anti-aging effect and does much more.

And another merit is that mudtherapy is known for being soothing, relaxing and calming, it’s highly beneficial both for physical and mental stress.

Professional mudtherapy

The staff of our spa center is ready to take care of you and provide a wonderful natural assistance for your body. Enjoy the calming effect on the skin, improve your blood circulation, prevent skin maladies, regenerate your skin and all positive benefits of the natural treatment.

The procedure includes mud body wraps and cosmetic treatment for body. Duration is 20-30 minutes.