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Pressure therapy and lymphatic drainage

Pressure therapy and lymphatic drainage (GREEN PRESS 12, Slovenia). This types of procedures help strengthen and rejuvenate the body, and obtain anti-cellulite effect. Duration 45-90 minutes.

Кабинет косметологии

Pressure therapy and lymphatic drainage

This medical procedure is used to improve lymphatic drainage of the lower extremities and pelvic organs, unload blood vessels (veins), reduces swellings and enlarged capillaries, improves drainage of limbs, especially after intensive physical exercise.

Pressure therapy

During the procedure the patient is put into a special suit. The elastic cuffs are connected to the device with air ducts that deeply influence skin, subcutaneous fat, muscles, venous and lymphatic vessels, etc. Such kind of mechanic influence is done by means of alternation of air pressure. The alternation period is from 30 seconds to 2 minutes.

Essence of pressure therapy method

When pressure in the cuffs is reduced, blood vessels expand, the blood flow to skin, muscles and subcutaneous tissue increases. Active lymphatic drainage increases disposal of excess fluid, toxins, restores moisture balance, improves venous circulation, stimulates metabolism in the skin, eliminates tissue hypoxia and fluid stagnation which is the main cause of cellulite.