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Spa center Platium

Recreation near Kiev in Complex Platium. We are delighted to offer great treatment plans and affordable prices for our services. Unique spa and medical center for rehabilitation are at your disposal. Get an energy boost, relax and enjoy your time.

Spa center in Complex Platium is an ideal possibility to combine great recreation and self-care. We have a wide range of spa treatments: hammam, sauna, swimming pool, hydro massage baths, etc. Our staff is ready to offer special massage techniques, treatment for body and face, and cosmetology.

Prices for SPA services
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  • Program for men Read more

Anti-cellulite program

Anti-cellulite programis a great way totake care of your body and feel rejuvenated. Our anti-cellulite program is a way to tone up muscles, enhance blood circulation and lymph flow, diminish stretches and cellulites, and improve elasticity of skin.

Our specialists will help to choose the most suitable anti-cellulite program for your needs.

Duration of a session is 120 minutes (duration of treatment 4-5 days)


Detox program

We constantly undergo stress, eat wrong foods, and suffer from pollution consequences. It’s important to help the body tackle every day issues and cleanse itself. We have developed special detox programs aimed at cleansing your body and renewing normal life-sustaining activity. This way you can raise your energy level and improve the way you feel by getting rid of toxins.

When your body is full of toxins you get lots of signs. After detoxification you will obviate chronic fatigue, improve sleep quality, boost your immune system, increase skin elasticity, bring up capacity to work, lose weight, and generally feel much better. Such measures will assist you in keeping your health, youth and vivacity. Our specialists are always ready to suggest the most effective detox program.

Detox program includes:

Duration of a session is 120 minutes (duration of treatment 4-5 days)


Rejuvenating anti-aging SPA program

Rejuvenating anti-aging treatment is made specifically for health maintenance, youth and beauty of your body. Such kind of spa program renews skin, optimizes metabolism ad regenerates cells.

Our specialists are always ready to help you choose the most effective anti-aging spa program.

The treatment features:

Duration of a session is 120 minutes (duration of treatment 4-5 days)


Program for men

This program is specifically designed for men. It will help you take care of yourself and always stay attractive. Forget about your daily worries and stress and feel pampered and sexy.

Our specialists will help you choose the most effective treatment.

The program includes:

Duration of a session is 120-150 minutes (duration of treatment 4-5 days)

Medical Rehabilitation Center

The medical center of Complex Platium gives a nice chance for medical check-ups and consultations with various specialists:

  • physician
  • cardiologist
  • pulmonologist
  • gastroenterologist
  • endocrinologist
  • physical therapist
  • otolaryngologist
  • traumatologist
  • gynaecologist
  • nutritionist

Modern methods of diagnostics and a wide range of healing methods (electric therapy, mudtherapy, mineral baths, etc.) provide effective and complex approach to treatment of patients and prevent various diseases.

Day patient facility allows to receive treatment in comfortable conditions and relaxing environment.


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